About Heliodyssey

Heliodyssey is a project of SPACE to follow the Total Solar eclipses all over the world and perform experiments. SPACE, a national body working for the popularisation of astronomy and space science has been organising the solar eclipse expedition. Solar eclipses are still feared in India and lot of myths and superstitions are propagated in our society by unscientific minds. Heliodyssey is an effort to stir young minds and bring a visible change in rationality and scientific temperament of Indian society.

Every year SPACE is dedicated to take team of students selected through an open book Online Competition to every possible place on the earth to watch and perform expriments during a Total Solar Eclipse.

In this highly prestigious project, school students from all over India will selected through an online exam. These selected students will travel to the location of Total Solar Eclipse internationally fully sponsored and will be trained in various experiments and scientific procedures. They become the part of the official SPACE team of astronomers and scientist to work on various experiments during the Total Solar Eclipse and record the event scientifically. They will not only get a chance to represent their school and themselves internationally but the exposure opens their horizon for scientific research and the cultural diversity adds to their personality. 

Scientific & Social Importance of Heliodyssey: The aim behind Heliodyssey event is to inculcate interest of common man towards Abstract Science and to study the scientific phenomenon which is caused due to the geometrical positioning of these heavenly bodies.

To sum up the various factors are:
-  Promotion of Scientific Temperament
-  Exposure of masses to scientific procedures
-  Developing interest towards astronomy and science
-  Stimulating critical thinking
-  Breaking myths and superstitions associated with solar eclipse
-  Exposure to International Astronomy community


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