Heliodyssey 2008


The concept of heliodyssey project is really interesting, gives kids opportunity to learn, should happen many a time.

The views on total solar eclipse was amazing out of the world.

Shivansh chaturvadi  


The concept of heliodyssey project is good in instilling inquisitives in astronomy as a subject.

The views on total solar eclipse was a first ever sighting for me & out of the world experience.

Kaustubh bansal


The concept of heliodyssey project is a very good idea to bring science awareness to going people many superstitions to a great extent.

The views on total solar eclipse was one of the most amazing and spectacular things I have experienced in my life makes value beautiful.

Shubham Goel


The concept of heliodyssey project is good and very encouraging for students.

The views on total solar eclipse was awesome and beauty.

Ayush Dugar


The concept of heliodyssey project is very good and interesting concept. It quickly raises the interest of an individual in space & Astronomy. You become curious to want to know everything.

The views on total solar eclipse was very beautiful phenomenon. Spell binding site to see totality. Nothing to be scared off.

Amit Verma


The concept of heliodyssey project is we thought of it! Unique opportunity for kids.

The views on total solar eclipse was words can rightly express what you see. You have to see one to actually completely appreciate one. Also it’s a good learning/teaching opportunity.

Head R & D (S.P.A.C.E)



The concept of heliodyssey project is really a noble cause with an idea to student could have never been exposed to such a sophisticated equipments and have hands On on practical observation.

The views on total solar eclipse was a wonderful natural phenomenon things change dramatically. Temperature change, light change. Most spectacular things happens covering of sun by moon disc, viewing Corona bailey’s beads and Diamond ring.

Heliodyssey- This word seems magical to me and associates my experiences with the SUN. Our only source of Energy. Heliodyssey is a fun filled trip to various Destinations where one can see Total Solar Eclipse. Our trip started on 26th July and headed for Moscow to finally catch a connecting Flight to St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg is really a charming city, a worth destination to go. We saw a wonder there that we could see the sunlight at Midnight also. The sun set happened at 1’o’ clock in the night. We saw beautiful Monuments, Great River and beautiful journey on the Motorboat to view the city. Then we headed to Moscow- a very Busy City. We went to SPACE Center at Moscow, where Cosmonauts are trained. The last and final destination was ‘Novosobirsk’ for which I was eagerly waiting for. Before the ‘D-day’ we spent the complete evening and night setting up our equipment for the ‘Eclipse Day’. On 1st Aug, we were well prepared for the Eclipse, we started testing our Equipments. All the children were Enthusiast about the happening. Our team instructed the all the fine details. Every body was busy testing their part of Experiments. When the Eclipse happened, it was an Amazing Event. Things changed dramatically when the moon was nearing to totality, I could see stars in the sky, Mercury and Saturn were visible by Naked Eye, then finally the totality occurred I could see the Diamond Ring just before the totality, we could see the corona of the sun and rays emerged out of the dark circle of the Moon- that was Amazing. I was so over thrilled that I forgot to capture the beautiful event of Diamond Ring, but then it is so natural to forget some of the chores for which you have practiced so well- One of my fellow Astronomer told me to console me. I can never forget the stadium of ‘Novosibirsk’ University in my life. I would always like to go for ‘Solar Eclipse’ whenever and where ever on the earth a man can go.

Mr. Pankaj Bahmba



Heliodyssey 2008 – I don’t know exactly where to start, lets begin with the Aeroflot flight from Delhi to Moscow which was about 7 to 8 hours. People were sleeping and I was getting bore so I decided to take the meal not because I was hungry but because I have nothing to do, anyway I enjoyed the meal and tried to sleep again. Soon we reached Moscow and then again loading the bags to another flight Moscow to St. Petersburg. The weather was getting colder and colder, we reached St. Petersburg after a long and tiring flight. It was a beautiful place with lots and lots of church and palaces luckily that day was celebrated by them as Navy Day and there were exhibit of warships and people were having fun around the river. After spending two days in St Petersburg now it was time to go to our next destination Moscow, the world most expensive city. The girls with the high heals were roaming around here and there without even trembling!! One after another there were higher and higher heals, we went to shop to buy one and it was 23000 euros we came back with our sports shoes only reasonable and comfortable. It was the day to go to an exciting place where the astronauts get trained, Space city. There were a huge Giant G-force simulator and they showed us how it works and it was a breath taking experience. Now the excitement even gets higher to reach our destination for Total Solar eclipse. After spending the luxurious days in Moscow, we reached our destination Novosibirsk. Without even wondering our room we ran to the site for total solar eclipse, and we started putting our equipments, tents and first of all the Indian flag. Finally the much awaited day was begun; we were rushing to do our final settings. One voice rose among all `The First Contact` and there were huge round of applause and whistles. All started clicking and marking there experiments and now the eyes were at the greatest phenomenon through the solar view goggles. The sun was hiding behind the moon leaving its impact to our hearts, the temperature was decreasing, the light was dimming, the wind was blowing and the excitement was rising. And when the moon was about to cover the sun there were snake shadows actually the shadow bands leaving us all shouting it went. Now the moon has covered the sun and it was all dark, dark as the 11 at night. All eyes were on the sun behind the moon along with the jumps, hugs, shouts, whistles and what not. Soon the diamond ring appears which marked its beauty in our hearts. The team has successfully achieved its aim and look forward for the next Total solar eclipse - Heliodyssey 2009.

Ms. Khushboo Dhawan
Incharge event


Being a part of heliodyssey expedition again was an amazing experience. Though this was my second time but still it was unique. Nothing in this world can beat the feelings and emotions aroused when you see a sunny afternoon suddenly turn into midnight, as moon comes between us and the giant ball of fire.

Then as one is trying to cope up with what has happened, unexpected blowing of winds, sudden fall in temperature and the total darkness in mid afternoon and then suddenly day breaks again. All this makes one mad, mad in excitement. I was shouting and screaming all this time with thrill and exhilaration as a mixer grinder was running in my stomach with all my emotions inside it and with its lid open.
Over and above, beauties of different phases of this hide and seek game called eclipse, were adding to the maddening extravagant gala. Diamond ring, corona (truly speaking I wasn’t able to figure it out properly) and then diamond ring again are few of the magnificent phases that are recommended to watch at least once in lifetime, I must say. Amid all this little kids doing experiments, their excitement and reactions, that whole atmosphere of involvement in the ongoing event made it a lifetime experience II for me.

Go on get ready to observe upcoming total solar eclipse if you haven’t observed one until now, and for that matter if you have, then also, believe me it’s going to be unique next time also.

Mr. Deepak Chopra
Incharge programe


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