Heliodyssey 2009, International Student Expedition to China & Patna

Experiments conducted by Heliodyssey team :

Shadow Sharpening

Contact timings(C1, C2, C3, C4)

Pinhole projection

Shadow Bands timings

Video / Photography


Physical experiments

  1. Variation in temperature
    1. Soil
    2. Air
  2. Variation in humidity
  3. Variation in light intensity
  4. Variation in wind speed
  5. Timing of contact using GPS/Radio
  6. Studying solar radio signals
  7. UV detection
  8. MW detection


Biophysical experiments

  1. Plant behavior
  2. Birds / animal behavior


Aesthetic experiments

1. Sketching of whole eclipse
2. Corona drawing
3. Identification of phases


Naked Eye observation

  1. Planet watch
  2. Constellation watch
  3. Coronal observation
  4. Projection of sun


Click Here to view the Experiments.



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