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Astronomica is a scientific society for the promotion and learning of astronomy founded and supported by SPACE. It is a group of people with love and passion for astronomy, both amateurs and professionals. A Glimpse of What We Do: Star Parties - Astronomica members go for their parties where stars are plentiful and the Milky Way beautiful. Sky Watching - Make sense about the star patterns you've ony heard about and the treasures they hold - Jewel Box in the Southern Cross, Smoke Ring in the Lyre, Star Factory in Orion.Monthly Meetings - We talk about everything from stargazing to starships.Telescope Making - Our members have made the largest telescopes and you can too.Astrophotography - The latest fashion and passion of amateur astronomers.Use BIG Telescopes - Get to handle monsterous light buckets.Star Parties, Sky Watching, Monthly Meetings, Astrophotography etc. Regular Annual membership fee is Rs. 800/- It is open to anyone with an interest in Astronomy. You may call up Swati @ 09250901042 for more information on how you can be a part of Astronomica.



It’s an innovative step and a unique opportunity for schools made available by SPACE to reach masses in order to promote scientific temper by using astronomy as tool. SNC will act as a centre of activities for astronomy events, national and international projects done by SPACE, other mass events and observations etc. It is a distinctive platform for all schools and institutions which are willing to work with SPACE and want to contribute to the development of humanity by popularisation of science amongst masses especially the student community.
Being an SNC you become a partner in a pioneer concept. It also provides opportunity for your school students to participate and interact with peer group on national and international level projects. Space Nodal Centre will make your institution an exclusive centre of excellence in the field of astronomy and your school/institution gets international exposure through SPACE website, electronic, print media and newsletter. Most of the activities and projects of SPACE are open for the space affiliated schools only and the schools also get preference to participate in the programs coordinated with the international and national space agencies like NASA, ESA and ISRO.



Eclipse Chasers Atheneaum has been formed to facilitate Eclipse Chasers. When is the next eclipse over North Pole? How will the weather be on the day of the greatest eclipse of 21st century? Where should I station myself for the 2017 totality? All these questions can be easily answered in the Athenaeum online forum. Specially prepared texts (hard copies) is mailed or made available to Athenaeum members for all upcoming eclipses much in advance. So your travel plans can start months before. Or if you wish to be an armchair eclipse chaser, an exclusive streaming website dedicated for Atheneaum members only, with unlimited bandwidth, no jamming of website and real time streaming for your seeing pleasure is made available. You may call up Sunita @ 09212669917 for more information on how you can be a part of ECa.



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