Study in Astronomy requires passion, patience and perfection, which we can find in our young students, they should be harnessed to work at forefront of this real science. I appreciate the end eavour by SPACE.

Sunita Williams, Astronaut

Sunita Williams - Astronauts

Thank you to SPACE for inspiring the next generation of explorers! They have great things to accomplish and your contributions to their education has provided the base! Congratulations!


I am delighted to extend my warmest greeting to the students of India on their discovery of asteroids in ‘All India Asteroid Search Campaign 2016’ conducted by SPACE in India in collaborations with International Astronomical Search Collaboration.


SPACE is doing a great job of developing scientific temperament and busting myths related to astronomy among the people, Good luck for future endeavours!


Harnessing Curiosity

Heliodyssey aims at enabling a child to harness their curiosity to the full potential and approach life with an inquiry-driven attitude.

Debunking Myths

Observing solar eclipses safely and studying them, educate people about the science that makes eclipses happen and help them break the chains of ignorance.

Inspiring Careers

Involving students in experiments and research as core team members, increase their aptitude and interest for the subject manifolds and strengthen their base for a career in the same.

Hands-on Science

Heliodyssey members get to do real science experiments and use the same instruments as experts. It is never too late for learning a new skill!

What is Heliodyssey?

Heliodyssey is a flagship project of Space India, which gives opportunity to the students of various schools all over India to be the part of student scientific solar eclipse expedition and work with astronomers and scientist to study solar eclipses, happening all over the world. It is the most powerful astronomy, space education and space experiential learning program promoting STEM skills and hands on learning by observation, analysis and recording of eclipses.

Heliodyssey 2019

On December 26th, 2019, annular or ring of fire solar eclipse will occur in Middle-East, Asia, Pacific, etc. The path of annularity will start from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, USE, India, Sri Lanka, and continues to pass over northern Marine Island in US.
Heliodyssey 2019, will be one of the most important and prominent eclipses of this decade particularly for India. Heliodyssey 2019 will be the largest contingent of student scientific solar eclipse expedition around the world, where students will observe, record, and analyse the eclipse from strategic locations in India and abroad and will also publish the results of this eclipse in 2020.


Recent Projects

Solar Eclipse Experiments Categories

Photography and Videography experiments: The eclipse is captured using zoom lenses, over the clouds balloons and drones and photographed in different stages.

Physical Experiments: The change in the physical properties of the surroundings, like ambient temperature, soil temperature and humidity during the eclipse will be recorded to understand the influence of eclipses on local environment.

Biophysical Experiment: A study will be done to understand the changes in behaviour of animals during the eclipse. Focus will be on young animals, nocturnals, and birds.

Visual Observations and Experiments: The eclipse will be observed using various methods like pinhole, telescopes, solar viewers, camera pictures and also sketches. Trained sketchers will draw down the 'Ring of Fire'. A record of the contact timings will also be made.

Data Validation experiments: A comparision between the data recorded by us, calculated mathematically and the one predicted by famous softwares and websites to update the records.


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