1. SPACE HeliOdyssey Test 2019 is an online examination which consists of 100 multiple
    choice questions (MCQ) questions.
  2. Test will consist of all Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with 4 options for each question. Only one answer will be correct.
  3. Total time duration for the test will be 40 minutes.
  4. Each question will carry 1 mark.
  5. There will be no negative marking.
  6. At least 7 days before the examination, every participant will be getting an email with
    examination details with
  1. Online Exam Portal Link
  2. Date of Examination
  3. Participant’s Time Slot
  4. Login ID and Password
  5. Test for Group A (Class 6-8) or Group B (Class 9-12) on their registered e-mail ID,which they have used at the time of registration.
  1. Mode of examination will be online so good Internet connection of minimum 1 mbps speed is required for attempting the test. Examination can be given from any place of your choice. No designated centers are allotted. You may appear from your home also.Examination can be given on any device laptop, smartphone or tablet. If your internet connection is lost during the examination, then after reconnecting the timer will resume from where you have lost the connection.
  2. At one point of time only one question will be visible to the participant and by the end of the examination the participant will get their score.

Note: If your Internet gets disconnected in between test, you will get two more chances to Log In and start the test from the same point.

  1. Test will be available in ENGLISH language only.
  2. For syllabus, kindly go through the website www.heliodyssey.org.
  3. Regarding selection of students, accuracy will be considered as one of the criteria. Example: If there are 2 students A and B, if student A secures 60 marks after attempting 100 questions and student B secures 60 marks after attempting 90 questions. In this case student B will be getting preference over student A.
  4. If there is a tie of marks between student A and student B in terms of marks then student taking less time for securing marks will be preferred over others. Example: If there are 2 students A & B, both secures 60 marks after attempting 100 questions but student A takes 36 minutes and student B takes 34 minutes. So, student B will get preference over student A.
  5. Result for this exam will be declared in next 4-5 days of the examination.
Sample Questions are as follows for your reference:
Q1. The essential components of Food are:
a) Fats
b) Nutrients
c) Minerals
d) Roughage
Q2. Which of the following is a productive food?
a) Milk
b) Oils and Fats
c) Fruits
d) Cereals
Q3. Which of the following constellation helps in finding pole star?
a) Crux and Cygnus
b) Ursa major and Cassiopeia
c) Lynx and Ursa minor
d) Gemini and Aires
Q4. Which is the nearest spiral galaxy to Milky Way?
a) Andromeda Galaxy
b) Triangulum Galaxy
c) Cigar Galaxy
d) Pinwheel Galaxy