Mar 28

Heliodyssey 2019 experience by Anushka Garg, Heliodyssey Winner

It was a great learning experience for me to be there in Masirah Island, Oman from Heliodyssey Space India for Solar Eclipse Expedition. I have performed the experiment to study the change in intensity of Sun Light incident on Earth during Solar Eclipse. Thanks to my School Space Teacher - Ms. Heena and Heliodyssey Team [...]
Feb 29

Heliodyssey 2019-Oman

The great ring of fire On 26th December 2019, the world witnessed an annular solar eclipse nicknamed ‘the great ring of fire’. As one of the winners of the competition and eclipse ambassadors, I got the chance to observe, analyze and record the solar eclipse and conducted a detailed study of eclipse phenomena and its […]

Jan 28


How did I get Inspired to see eclipses? Life is more interesting when you do things which have not done by you before. For me, one such thing was witnessing Eclipse for the 1st time. I have never seen an eclipse in my life until I joined SPACE Chennai and here comes my first experience […]

Oct 4

200 students will be selected for a fully sponsored trip to Oman, Kerala and Karnataka for international Solar Eclipse Expedition

SPACE-India to select 200 students from Indian schools and colleges through online exam to be part of the International student Eclipse expedition team to Oman, Karnataka, and Kerela.The meritorious students will travel fully sponsored to study the Great Ring of fire annular eclipse happening on 26th December 2019.All winners will be extensively trained by SPACE-INDIA [...]
Jul 2


The total solar eclipse is just around the corner – 2nd July and we are just waiting for the world to be plunged into darkness! An eclipse of the Sun occurs whenever the Moon is aligned between the Earth and the Sun. The celestial alignment causes the Moon to partially or completely obscure the Sun’s […]