Heliodyssey is a flagship project of Space India, which gives opportunity to the students of various schools all over India to be the part of student scientific solar eclipse expedition and work with astronomers and scientist to study solar eclipses, happening all over the world. It is the most powerful astronomy, space education and space experiential learning program promoting STEM skills and hands on learning by observation, analysis and recording of eclipses.

On December 26th, 2019, annular or ring of fire solar eclipse will occur in Middle-East, Asia, Pacific, etc. The path of annularity will start from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, USE, India, Sri Lanka, and continues to pass over northern Marine Island in US.

Heliodyssey 2019, will be one of the most important and prominent eclipses of this decade particularly for India. Heliodyssey 2019 will be the largest contingent of student scientific solar eclipse expedition around the world, where students will observe, record, and analyse the eclipse from strategic locations in India and abroad and will also publish the results of this eclipse in 2020.

The student candidates will be selected for the expedition on the basis of a nationwide online Examination known as Space HeliOdyssey Test 2019 (SHOT-2019) which will be held online on November 3, 2019. 

Any Indian student between classes 6th to 12th is eligible to participate in the exam for the getting selected for the expedition. Read More

A total of 200 student scientist contingent will be selected for this expedition. Read More


The expedition members will comprise of:

  • Top 20 winners of Space Heliodyssey Test 2019 (SHOT) will get fully sponsored trip to Oman. Next 30 students will get fully sponsored trip to Kerala. 
  • A team of astronomers and scientist will also be going on the expedition. 

The selected students will be trained by our experts in various aspects of the Annular Solar Eclipse such as science of the eclipse, systematic observations of eclipse, setting up and conducting experiments, video and still photography of the eclipse. Students will then be assigned specific experiments and will be working with our team to conduct those experiments during the eclipse and collect the scientific data. In addition to this Students will also get to interact with other Astronomers from all over the world present at the eclipse site and Locals from the town and interact with them to explore the various myths associated with the Solar Eclipses.

    • Experiments:
      • Apart from this, many other useful experiments are being evaluated by the SPACE team and can find their way in. You can also suggest any experiment by mailing us at heliodyssey@space-india.com.
    • Observations
      • Experiencing the eclipse through your own senses such as visual is the most enriching part of the Total Solar eclipse. We are looking forward to lot of observations:
        • Various contacts of Moon with the Sun
        • Shadow Bands
        • Sky suddenly getting dark in the middle of the day for a brief duration.
        • Baileyes Beads 
        • Birds and Animals retreating to their homes getting confused by the darkness
        • Experience the thrill of rapidly falling temperature as the moon covers the sun.
        • earing the excitement of other observers.

No. HeliOdyssey 2019 participation is strictly on competitive examination basis. 

Registration fee for the examination is for school student is Rs.990

Once your payment is submitted then you will get a receipt of the same on your e-mail ID. 

The answer is Yes and No. NO you don't need a valid passport at the time of registration but YES, you need to have one if you are selected. We suggest that you quickly apply for your passport in anticipation, even before the result of the competition is announced as making a passport itself is a long process and after that the visa process will also take about 45 days.

Yes, our website ensures that the credit card or debit card information is safely transmitted to our bank for the purpose of payment collection. Our online payment facility is managed by Instamojo which is considered one of the safest ways to pay online. SPACE does not receive any credit card information. However we suggest that you use general precautions while making payment through credit cards online.

Incase you face any technical problems during the registration you can Whatsapp  our HeliOdyssey Technical Helpdesk on Monday to Saturday for assistance on 9599934015.

Please check this answer a question in 'Registration and Payment Process' section above.

SPACE will forward the Visa application to the Embassy for the selected candidates, however the approval or rejection of the Visa is entirely up to the discretion of the embassy. In case the selected candidate does not get a Oman Visa, the seat will offer to next best candidate based on the merit and the child can apply for Indian expedition.

The expedition dates are December 22, 2019 to December 28, 2019.

The selected candidates will have to gather at the SPACE office in New Delhi, prior to the expedition.

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