Education Incharge, STEPL

She had joined Space India in 2015 as an educator within a span of 4 years she has become a backbone of the Education Department of SPACE India. Flooded with immense zeal and enthusiasm, she never runs out of ideas and persistently works towards what is best for the company. Failure never bogs her down and is popular among her teammates for her empathetic and compassionate nature.

Yogesh Kumar Joshi

Senior Educator, STEPL

Fulfilling every task with complete honesty and dedication, he is a go-to person whenever any colleague is in need of help or assistance. His ever-approachable nature and patience have made him a reliable asset in the company. He is ready to take on additional responsibilities and periodic consistency of his efforts has been applauded well among his peers. His team takes pride in his abilities and looks up to him as a reliable and tenacious leader.


Educator, STEPL

Overflowing with extreme zeal and passion for Astronomy, he is always ready to take on challenges and tackle them with utmost sincerity. Within a short span of time, he has a made a concrete place of himself owing to sheer hard work and determination. He has an innate ability to perform tasks with immense diligence and effortlessly which has made him a shining example among the young peers and colleagues of the company. SPACE India is inarguably proud to have him and nurture him under its wing.

Mr. Keshav Gupta

Digital Marketing, STEPL

He joined the organization as a Digital Marketing Executive and has been contributing a lot in the development of the company. A tech junkie by interest, creativity and technology are his forte and he takes no qualms in fulfilling all his duties. A very dedicated employee and an amiable colleague, he is very popular among all the Spacians.