Heliodyssey 2006- Turkey

The expedition was planned to observe the Total Solar Eclipse of 26th March 2006 from Turkey. In the middle of the day, darkness falls. Birds stop singing. The Sun’s corona popped out and shimmered across the sky. The moon completely covered the Sun; we were spellbound inside the moon’s cool shadow. Then suddenly, reluctantly, we were free again. The totality was for 4 minutes.

One can hardly forget the spectacular experience which was an achievement for all of them. The major experience holds the following:

  • The Temperature difference: Sudden Cooling in the atmosphere
  • Sudden darkness during the totality
  • Birds going back to their nests
  • Above all, the amazing DIAMOND RING!

All who were present their loved to watch & feel the moment.

It was a highly educational event for the students and the experiments they performed were appreciated internationally by the scientific community. On its arrival back to India after successful completion of the project, Heliodyssey team was invited by former Honorable President of India Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, his highness interacted with the students and congratulated SPACE on adding a new scientific dimension to the science education worldwide.

This opportunity was unique in India and perhaps in the entire world. By working closely with Astronomers and Scientists from SPACE for this Solar Eclipse, students had an experience like never before. In addition to enhancing scientific temperament of the students and scientific aptitude, the intercultural interactions with various students from all over India who are part of the expeditions as well as interaction with astronomers from SPACE enhanced the personality of the students greatly. Viewing the corona of the Sun during the Total Solar Eclipses was also a deeply moving experience and left an irreplaceable impression to all who view it.

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