Aug 21


Heliodyssey 2017 – The Great American Eclipse On 21 August, 2017 total solar eclipses has been observed from Huntington- Oregon, USA. It is also known as “Great American Solar Eclipse”. Solar eclipse was seen LIVE along with discussion with experts. Live stream was a courtesy of the Indian expedition from SPACE Group, headed by Mr. […]

Jan 15


Heliodyssey 2010 – Eclipse Cruise First Eclipse Cruise, Maldives, Jan 2010 – By Water! SPACE partnered with Louis Cruises India to take about 650 passengers aboard the luxury liner Aquamarine from Kochi to the Maldives and back to view the Annular Solar Eclipse. The total solar eclipse of July 11, 2010, occurred over the southern Pacific Ocean. […]

Jul 22

Eclipse Flight’09

Eclipse Flight 2009 First Eclipse Passenger Flight, July 2009 – By Skies  History was created when SPACE organized the 1st Indian eclipse passenger flight- “Level Four-One-Zero” in collaboration with Cox and Kings on 22nd July, 2009, that flew over Bihar to show the total eclipse from 41000 feet above sea level! Mass Public Watch in […]

Jul 22


Heliodyssey 2009 – Hong Kong, Eclipse of the Century A team of young explorers traveled to Hong Kong under the leadership of late Mr. C.B. Devgun to observe the eclipse of the century. The team comprised of 10 talented students and 5 SPACE experts. Duration of the eclipse:   It lasted a maximum of 6 minutes and […]

Aug 1


Heliodyssey 2008 – Russia  A contingent of 40 people comprising of 5 winners, amateurs, astronomy enthusiasts and scientists embark on the journey to Russia, to view and study the most spectacular phenomena of the nature- the total solar eclipse of 1st August 2008. Enriched by the culture of St. Petersburg and Moscow the team finally […]

Mar 29


Heliodyssey 2006- Turkey The expedition was planned to observe the Total Solar Eclipse of 26th March 2006 from Turkey. In the middle of the day, darkness falls. Birds stop singing. The Sun’s corona popped out and shimmered across the sky. The moon completely covered the Sun; we were spellbound inside the moon’s cool shadow. Then […]